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Pan-Burlingham Tea House, Ithaca NY

The Pan-Burlingham tea house was designed after the Japanese style for private ceremonial use. Located on the grounds of residence the tea house embraces its natural surroundings.

1. Low door

3. Screen

2. Ceremonial space

4. Ceremonial space with bamboo

5. Tea house within various types of foliage

6. View through tea house

306 East State Street Apartments, Ithaca NY

To create highly sought after modern living space in the heart of downtown Ithaca, the second floor of 306 East State Street was converted from commercial office space into 3 efficiency and 4 one bedroom apartments. The L-shaped building wraps around the Wanzer Block with facades on both State Street and Aurora Street.

1. Living room view over Aurora Street

2. Living room

3. Living room

4. Living room with corner window

5. Living room with small glass block windows

6. Kitchen with natural light

7. Living room view over State Street

8. Aurora Street facade above Japanese Restaurant

9. State Street entry facade with balconies above

Paljarvi House, Trumansburg NY

The Paljarvi residence consists of the main house with a full basement connected by a covered walkway to the garage with a one bedroom apartment above. The situation is designed to take advantage of majestic views toward Cayuga Lake.

1. House with great room at center

2. One bedroom apartment above garage

3. The front lawn

4. The Dining area

5. The open Kitchen

6. The grand fireplace with great room

7. The living area

Tiwari House, Ithaca NY

A small addition was designed on the Tiwari house to create a new Kitchen at the center of the house, adjoining the Living Room and Dining Room.

1. The Kitchen

2. The view from the Kitchen window

3. Pass through window to Dining Room

4.The addition with 8 windows

5. Informal dining

6. Panoramic views and skylights

Boiceville Cottages, Brooktondale NY

The concept for the Boiceville Cottages site created an opportunity for graduate students, professionals and retirees to have an "apartment" of their own in a rural setting close to Cornell. The alternating clusters of three cottages foster community while providing the security of a shared entry courtyard.

1. Cottage entry from shared entry courtyard

2. Cottage clusters along curved street