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Maguire Automotive, Ithaca NY

Maguire Automotive, the flagship for Maguire Family of Dealerships, received LEED Platinum Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council in May 2012. This prestigious designation created the first Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo and Kia LEED Platinum dealerships in America and the second Toyota / Scion LEED Platinum dealership in America. A landscaped promenade wide enough for the display and delivery of cars was added across the front providing brand specific entry portals to the showrooms for each manufacturer, as well as providing views out across the vehicle display area. The 68,000 SF building project focused on 33,000 SF of additions and gut renovations, creating new showrooms as well as new customer service and parts areas. Extensive site improvements included the addition of 185 parking spaces landscaped with holly and elderberry shrubs, red maple, black willow and white pine trees, all visible along the Black Diamond Trail on the abandoned railroad track.

1. Audi showroom with reception desk

2. Audi showroom - twilight view from promenade

3. Audi showroom - filled with natural light

4. Audi showroom - with coffee bar

5. Audi showroom with solar shading

6. Audi showroom with landscaped promenade

7. VW showroom

8. VW showroom

9. VW showroom with focal wall

10. VW portal with canopy

11. VW showroom and portal

12. VW showroom and landscaped promenade

13. Volvo showroom with Volvo Next Face elements

14. Volvo customer lounge

15. Entrance to Volvo showroom from promenade

16. Volvo showroom and display on landscaped promenade

17. Kia showroom and reception desk

18. Kia showroom

19. Kia showroom

20. Kia showroom

21. Kia showroom

22. Scion showroom with multi-color illumination system

23. Scion showroom

24. Scion showroom with multi-color illumination system

25. Toyota showroom.

26. Toyota showroom and lounge

27. Toyota showroom and sales desk

28. Toyota / Scion entry portal

29. Toyota & Scion showrooms

30. Toyota showroom

31. Grand Opening - ribbon cutting

32. Samurai sword awarded by Toyota

33. Toyota executives at Grand Opening.

34. Customer service lounge

35. Audi Quattro Cafe

36. TV lounge

37. Rainwater collected from roof for car wash

38. Solar power generates 15% of electricity

39. Service entrance and green wall

40. Rooftop photovoltaic arrays with 180 solar panels

Towards a Sustainable Future - Green features of Maguire Automotive

  • LEED Platinum Certification from U.S. Green Building Council
  • Solar Power generates 15% of electricity from 180 photovoltaic panels on the roof
  • Energy Efficient Lighting uses less than 1 watt per square foot, 34% more efficient than Code
  • Rainwater from roof is collected in 2 Storage Tanks for car wash, toilets and landscaping
  • High Performance Building Envelope uses 45% less energy than building of comparable size
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning 34% more efficient than ASHRAE standards
  • White Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) Roof reflects sunlight to reduce heat gain
  • 64% Less Water used than building of comparable size
  • 95% of Existing Structure was Reused during major renovations
  • 97% of Construction Waste was Recycled
  • Recycled Products were used for 22% of Construction Materials
  • 40% of Construction Materials were Manufactured Locally
  • Wood installed was Harvested using Best Practices
  • 100% of interior materials contain no or low VOC Content
  • 95% of spaces have Natural Light to limit use of artificial lighting
  • Low U-value (0.29) Insulated Glass used to limit heat gain from sun
  • Dealership located on TCAT and Tioga Transit Bus Routes
  • Bicycle racks provided on site for 8 bicycles

41. Maguire Automotive at night