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University City Swim Club, Philadelphia PA

The University Swim Club The University Swim Club located near the University of Pennsylvania demolished their existing pools to create all new recreational facilities. The landscaped deck surrounded by garden walls overlook four pools and the basketball court.

1. Diving pool

2. Lap pool

3. Leisure pool, night time

4. Leisure pool, daytime

5. Movie night in leisure pool

6. Leisure pool

7. Tots pool

8. Lap pool, water ballet

9. Site plan

Tompkins County Public Works Facility, Ithaca NY

Tompkins County created the Public Works Facility with the addition of 11,270 SF to an existing building. This provided modern offices for the Facilities, the Highway and the Public Works Departments, along with a lunch room & kitchen, mechanical and carpentry shops.

1. Stairwell

2. Waiting area in office suite

3. Main entrance with conference room in foreground

4. Main entrance

Cornell Cooperative Extension - Teaching Kitchen, Ithaca NY

The new teaching kitchen was created in an existing space by Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County to accomodate a variety of community based nutrition programs. The main space is designed with a demonstration kitchen and 4 student kitchens with a meeting/dining area in the middle with a new window framing a view of a beautiful tree.

1. View toward demonstration kitchen

2. Student Kitchen with gas ranges

3. Demonstration kitchen

4. Demonstration Kitchen with mirror